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Retail Management Services

Double AA will help you improve your Convenience store experience!
RMS, or Retail Management Services, is a program designed to assist Double AA wholesale fuel customers that operate convenience stores. This program will improve shopper experience, increase store profitability, streamline operations and enhance the store’s interior image.
Double AA has a track record of success with their Double Time convenience stores. Store owners can feel confident knowing they have a strong business partner with a history of proven success and profitability. The RMS program offers many benefits without a lot of fees, strict control and requirements of a franchise.
What does the RMS Program Include?
  • Image Management: Interior improvements to the convenience store including P.O.S. system, paint, graphics and restroom remodel.
  • Exclusive Vendor Benefits and Rebate Programs: Take advantage of Double AA’s buying power with various vendors.
  • Back Office Software Management: Daily paperwork will be managed by Double AA’s corporate office, taking the work off of the store owner and employees. This enables you and your staff to focus on sales and customer service.
  • Store Demographic Profiling:Targeted study of the community around your store to gain knowledge on the types of products that would best fit and sell in your store area.
  • Strong Potential of Sales and Profit Increases
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